The Battle for Bakersfield

Welcome to the Battle for Bakersfield Wiki

This Wiki is dedicated to host the resources for my Shadowrun Campaign by the same name. I will be updating this website with information as it is learned and story episodes as they happen. There will be a couple of sections relating to the backstory of the area along with some maps of the starting area of Bakersfield.

Recent Events

  • Mira has Victor's attention with the magic word: Money.
  • Vultier's VTOL was diverted to StarrVentures… he has officially entered the city.
  • Vang is on a privately contracted ground transport heading for the North Sprawl. Hope he isn't stopped by corp sec.

Player Priorities

  • Check the forums at least once a day
  • Start thinking about why your character is in Bakersfield given the history that you now know. There's not really much of a reason that someone would stay in Bakersfield unless they have a reason to be there (or they just can't get out of the city). As long as you gain no character benefits from the back story you create it'll probably be okay with me.
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