Frequently Asked Questions

Gameplay Issues

How do players PLAY?

Players in this campaign play via post. This means that players take turns posting their characters actions and seeing what happens based on rolls of the dice and my imagination (if they're interacting with the environment). A general etiquite for PBP style games is that you do NOT post in character in the active story thread unless IT IS YOUR TURN or you are prompted by the GM (me).

Shadowrun uses a dice system… how do you KNOW players aren't cheating?

Easy: Dicelog is a free service based out of Germany which provides a truly random (and totally logged) environment to roll dice. When players need to roll dice for actions they submit the roll request to the server and it posts the results to the group's Log. The player then states the result of the action based on what was rolled. (Lying does no good because everyone can see the roll EXACTLY as it happened)

How does combat work in your game?

It's a little complex in a play by post system because there's no battle-mat or hex grid or whatever you want to use to illustrate how things are currently going and where different characters are positioned. I'm still trying to figure out a solution for this problem… but it's probably going to come down to scanning graph paper maps with penciled in letters representing characters and then posting the pictures up to the forum while they're relevant (due to space issues on wikidot).

What about netrunning and hacking?

Netrunning I prefer to handle as a CHAT BASIS unless the whole group is active in it. Hacking as an action while other players are in combat (E.G. taking control of a drone in combat) is a by-post system. Netruns are handled with runner reports at the conclusion of the event (which are to be WRITTEN UP BY THE RUNNER).

RP Issues

Do you allow cross-gender RP?

If the player has the capacity to role play a member of the opposite sex, yes. Male players that run around the city topless screaming "I HAVE TITS," may cause me to rethink this policy.

What if players want to RP with each other and not the environment?

That's the glory of PBP… it allows players to handle information and details about the game that would typically be ignored during traditional downtime in-between story sessions. If players want to try and force each other to do actions or convince others that they are lying / telling the truth then an opposed test is rolled. Remember, if it's in the IC forums then you MUST play your character's actions and not your own.

What if I want to kill someone in the group?

While PK'ing is typically frowned upon (because of the whole OOC player vengence thing) I allow it if there is good reason for it.

Example of a good reason:

A team of Runners is planing on infiltrating a low-sec prison to bust out a fellow Runner who just so happens to have some bad history with a Runner in the team (not the player, this is a character dispute). A couple of minutes before the run begins, the agitated runner claims he has to take a piss and moves towards a back alley; however, he isn't believed and is successfully shadowed by another member of the team who sees him make a break for the security room. The shadowing runner shoulders her rifle and puts two rounds in the suspect runner's head to protect the team.

Example of a bad reason:

Jason wouldn't share his Cheetos with Mark so Mark shot Jason point blank with a APDS loaded minigun. Sorry Jason….

How strict are you about character languge choices?

If this were an "in-the-flesh" group then I wouldn't be very strict on useage of 2070's slang and terminology… but because this is a TYPED CAMPAIGN I expect to see NO MEME REFERENCES and some typographical representation of how your character talks.

What about character action? Do I have to describe what I'm doing too?

Duh. You don't have to write a Catcher in the Rye style 40 page description on how you water the flowers, but I do expect sufficient detail to describe what you are doing so that there is no confusion. Write your actions like you would a book… after all, it IS a story that you're telling.

GM questions

Have you ever GM'd Shadowrun before?

Yes. Not many campaigns but the ones that I ran lasted a good amount of time… Hell, I had a group make it to Mars once.

How did you come up with the setting for Bakersfield?

It's all in my head and to the best of my knowledge original content. I didn't use premade resources in the generation of the town other than Google Earth to get the layout of downtown before I simulated a civil war and gangificaiton along with corporate security grabs.

The rest of the city is generated dynamically as players determine where they want to go or if the area is needed to be known ahead of time.

What about the source of conflict? Is that typical for Shadowrun campaigns?

The fact that NeoNET is a relatively new corporation AND is in charge of most of the wireless Matrix infrastructure gives them a PERFECT REASON to want to push in on Horizon's monopoly on Californian development. I came up with it entirely on my own.

As for its being typical? I think the best way to answer that is by asking what a real world corporation would do. Are corporations happy with what they have or do they strive for growth to deliver profit? While the conflict between NeoNET and Horizon is not uncommon as background noise in a campaign (corps are fighting all the time) it is very rare for AAA corps to directly involve new runners. Ergo, the main conflict should be thought of as the backdrop for the campaign as smaller companies try and take advantage of the situation which leads to the Party's involvement in all kinds of fun.

Do you have a character which represents you in the world?

Yes. His name is Jeremiah and he Bartends at The Slagheap… but he will travel!

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