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Vultier reaches for his credsticks, but quickly realizes he has been duped. "God dammit! It must have happened when I was distracted by those fucking elves!" He reaches in his pants pockets to see what remaining funds he might have, but to no avail. All he could muster up was two old coins he found on his travels which have no value, his mother's locket, some pocket lent, and a single cyanide capsule. The capsule reminds him of why he came here in the first place. He has no life, no friends, only enemies. He closes his eyes in contemplation. It doesn't take him long to come to a decision. With one swift motion he grips his mother's locket as tight as he can with his left hand, and pops the capsule into his mouth with his right. He bites down on it, crumples to the ground and watches everything fade to black. For the first time in his life, he feels at peace.

Holy Jesus. This thread is two years old but I remember the story like it was yesterday. Would you guys be interested in continuing? With my kid and everything it will be slower going than I would have liked… but the story will go on at least.

As luck would have it there is a kiosk nearby that is selling cheaply rated softwares programmed by EVO. The kiosk is located close enough that you can actually see it on the other side of the terminal you are standing in. The store is listed through your AR as being "Browse Only."

"Browse Only" means that you can see what products are available but not the prices unless you supply your matrix address to the kiosk. In doing so you basically invite a world of mess from EVO advertising agencies but it's the only way to see how much the product you are buying costs before you purchase it. Based on the prices that you've seen outside of the city you can guess what the price of the program will be within a reasonable amount of certainty… but how much money do you have on hand?

Vultier decides he ought to go get himself a decent mapsoft so that he's not constantly lost in this city. He does a quick check on the net to see where a nearby software store with some decent mapsofts is.

We discussed your decision earlier so I'm going to summarize your actions up to this point. I'll need you to decide what you do with the information though.

Vultier smiles as the elvish women sway their way away from him and then weaves his AR gloves to interface with his augmented vision thus grabbing the blinking light and pulling it open with his fingers. Inside the message is a video file and a link for Vultier's mapsoft. (Which you don't have… whoops…) He made a note to himself to find a decent mapsoft with the basic streets of Bakersfield so that he can maneuver through the city without much difficulty and then opens up the video file.

Instantly his ears are graced with light elvish technic-ambiance and an overlay of a woman dancing comes up in his vision. As the dancer turns around Vultier makes out her face and recognizes her as the woman who messaged him earlier. Her hips sway back and forth, side to side, in a primal rhythm which can only be described as intentionally provocative. Quickly the dancer spins around and slips the catches on her synthshirt before walking out of the visual range of the recorder's preset zoom. The video ends with a sensual voice speaking in Elvish:

''Veela lye ta ilmen, Vanima" Come see us this night, beautiful

Vultier watched the video one more time before he let a smile escape his lips and closed the message. Now he needed to find a mapsoft and find out how to pay for things in the city. After all, Bakersfield was a little bit of a weird area of the world according to what he had heard prior to making the journey.

Alright, what are you going to do now? Describe your actions like you were writing a book and not as out of character descriptions.

I check the message they sent me in my AR vision.

As Vultier approaches the two elves he notices that they are wearing what seems to be practical wear to keep themselves cool in the heat of Bakersfield. Their clothing wasn't intended to be showy and it's obvious that the clothing has been altered to show off slightly more skin than originally intended.

The elf that sent you the advert eyes you up and down now that you're close then whispers something in her friend's ear before responding to you.

''Old fashioned… I like that. You don't see it anymore now that everything can be done through electronics. On top of that, you're lost with a map in your head… So either you're fearless around women and have a story to play out on us or you don't know anything about the new world we live in. Why don't you meet us tonight and tell us where you've been for the last 10 years?"

A blinking light catches your attention in your AR vision and the two elves smile coquetishly at you before walking away with extra sway in their hips.

What will you do now?

Vultier sees this as an opportunity. He walks up to the two women and says;

"Hey, I'm new to the city, and honestly I'm kind of lost. Would you two ladies mind showing me around?"

I hope that's an adequate response.

Remember, "roughing it" for a Runner means finding an empty building and sleeping with your gun. We need to establish the reason why your character has come to Bakersfield. Obviously it's not a place for tourism (as shown by the lack of public hotels) and no one comes to the city (yet) without a reason for doing so.

You landed in the StarrVentures spaceport due to the private airports not accepting the VTOL craft that you had boarded which means you are smack dab in Little Russia instead of Renrfreau Park (the Air district). This is neither good or bad, it's just where you happen to be at this moment in time.

Before I make the game actions for this post I want to really hit home to you (Sucram) that you won't have to search the streets for a bar. This is 2070. Think of yourself as having access to Google on crack given Bruce Banner's Hulk DNA and then kicked in the Gonads while on Cocaine. If you want to find a bar, not only will you find the bar, but its specialty drinks, happy hour menu, amenities, and should you desire it a lit path to said bar… IF IT IS LISTED OR ADVERTISES (and they will unless they're shadow bars).

Think about that before you make your next post because something is about to…

Sucram pulls his hood over his head and makes it about 5 steps away from BonzoBurger before he notices two young-looking elfin women giving him an interested stare. One of them fires an advertising MMS to Sucram's Comlink attached with a picture. The file avatar looks like the sender's face winking with a smile.

What do you do?

""What the fuck? No hotels? Ugh! What a day. Oh well, I guess I can rough it for a few days.""

WTS tents & survival kits, 100 nuyen each | 175 for a set

"What the fuck? No hotels? Ugh! What a day. Oh well, I guess I can rough it for a few days."

He says to himself after disconnecting from the net. He then lowers his hood over his head and wanders the streets searching for a bar. Hopefully, might have some people in need of his talents.

Your search of the Matrix reveals that there aren't any hotels in Bakersfield.

underline textWell I suppose I'll do a search on the net for good prices on hotel rooms and just stay in a hotel until I can find a place to live.

Logic, Intuition, and Logic or Intuition respectively.

Knowledge skills have two skill links, Logic and Intuition, and each as two sub-groups. Logic has Professional and Academic, and Intuition has Interests and Street (Language as well, but I don't really consider that a "knowledge" skill).

Street Drugs is an interest skill, Biology is pretty obvious, and spell design… well that's a difficult one. It can either be an Interest knowledge skill, or a Professional knowledge skill. I think that one should be left up to the GM. Personally, I'd consider it Interests.

Re: Need opinions on this char. by neo87xneo87x, 18 Dec 2009 01:11

Toon page created.

Remaining BP - 2
A fifth of that, I guess 0.4.


Just need an idea what Biology, Street Drugs, & spell design linked attributes would be.
I'm thinking Logic, Logic, Intuition, but need confirmation

If that's all the changes then you're good to go. Calculate the group BP and make your character page.

Try and keep to the conventions I've used such as italics for non-speaking actions. There's a post in the GM notes about this

How do you want to go about looking for a place to live?

He finds a seat and starts to eat his burger. While he does, he wonders what this new city has to offer for him. He goes on into a short reverie about future jobs he may recieve, but stops shortly into it mumbling to himself, "Come on now. Don't get ahead of yourself. You haven't even found a place to stay yet." At that, he finishes the last bite of his burger and starts off on a search for some affordable apartments.

Shat muffins……more changes.

Cursed 1
Allergy common / mild (tobbacco smoke)
Astral Beacon

Whoops, I forgot to add-in my contacts.

Sakaju - [2/2]
Hometown talismonger - [2/2]
Tweedle De Dee - [4/4]
Tweedle De Dum - [4/4]
Fixer(Constantly migrating) - [2/3]

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