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This section of the forums is for the players in Bakersfield (The Online Players)
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Everything you post in this forum is IN CHARACTER. If you say it in this forum IT HAS HAPPENED IN THE GAME.
328by SucramSucram
10 May 2012 17:36Jump!
Out of Character discussions: Opinions on gameplay, discussions on future group goals, meetings.
419by chinasword87chinasword87
24 Dec 2009 09:32Jump!
Boston Forums
These forums are for the players in Boston.
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Everything in this board is IN CHARACTER. If you talk about it here then IT HAS HAPPENED IN GAME.
OOC discussion.
The GM Screen
Notes to the Players and Discssions on them
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Includes house rules, instructions on how to do things, and what is expected of you as a player.
33by MasterpsykerMasterpsyker
14 Dec 2009 22:44Jump!
Discuss the notes here instead of in the notes section. That makes it easy to tell when new and potentially relevant information has been posted.

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