New Players

Steps to Success

Step 0: Make a Wikidot Account and a DiceLog account

Step 1: Read the Warnings for Potential Players

Step 2: Build a Character

Your character should have exactly 405 BP used.

Follow the following steps

Phase 1: Determine Metatype followed by Attributes

If you intend to play a character which uses Magic or Resonance spend the points to improve your pool now

Phase 2: Add qualities (positive and negative)

Max positive qualities: 40BP
Max negative qualities: 20BP


Phase 4: Take your skills now

If you are native to Bakersfield and you have a Medium or lower lifestyle you MUST take at least 3 points in the Knowledge skill: Street (Bakersfield - Area: District). Look at the Bakersfield map to determine which district you want to be from. You MUST take the knowledge skill Street (Bakersfield - XYZ Region) and Street (Bakersfield - City) equal to at least your District divided by two

Phase 5: Buy your equipment

Take 1/5th of your remaining BP after purchasing your equipment and REMOVE IT. Take note of how much you lost

Phase 6: Purchase contacts and other stuff

The maximum Availability is 15 for building. Bakersfield is an area of rapid development, materials of all types are everywhere. As such, items which may be difficult to obtain in other areas may be readily available here.

Step 3: Post your character in the forums in OUTLINE format according to the phases above. Do not post a character sheet. Give the outline.

Step 4: Wait for further instructions from the forums.

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