A Word from the GM

This is the timeline of Bakersfield that anyone living in the shadows would know about if they came into the city at a junction during the construction or if they've been studying due to curiosity. Scholarly study won't reveal much more without a move into the Underground of Bakersfield which Spritch has been eager to do. Unfortunately Spritch doesn't trust many people with his life… that might be why he's come so far.

As with all things posted by me, the conventions of blocked text or events are going to be followed. Events underlined indicate out of character events (mainly campaign changes, breaks, or players joining / leaving).

A Brief Word from Spritch

I have, to the best of my knowledge, compiled events of the city as they influenced construction of the neo-sprawl and the creation of the elements in the city which we have all come to love and (some of us) live in. Remember that the history of Bakersfield is difficult to track and that this was no small task. Anyone seeking more detailed accounts of the city's history would do well to consult me before going down into the Underground… but it won't be cheap or safe.


The General History of Bakersfield

2059: Bakersfield is a thriving middleground between Los Angeles and San Fransisco. This is unsurprising considering the Pueblo Council's restrictions on air travel across its desert.

2060: Mayor Joseph D. Kinesy is elected into office on the corporate ballot. Among his campaign promises are lower taxes for the city's operations income, increased airspace travel zones, as well as a unilateral transport tax on land freight passing through the city.

2061:Kinesy has a fatal helicopter accident; ironic considering he was strongly advocating the new "sky-taxi" concept for the city. Deputy Mayor Greg Benner takes office and immediately sets about with projects to improve the matrix infrastructure of the city thus allowing a data line to run between the CFS and the PCC.

2062: Novatech announces its intentions to launch an IPO. During the year Bakersfield becomes polarized between supporting the incumbent government and the newly founded People's Reform Movement led by Charles Tenault -You north sprawl kids know who this is now: Leader of the W1ZK1D5-.

2063, July 19: Shit hits the fan hard. The People's Reform Movement starts taking over civil services placing focus on power and water. During the takeover, Novatech launches their IPO and Deus begins upgrading himself in Boston. Everyone scrambles in the chaos. Shortly after knowledge that Deus is uncontrolled in Boston, Mayor Benner decides to sever the Matrix hardlines into the city via Civil Order B118.H

2063, August 23: Fighting within the city starts with a nighttime surprise attack launched by Knight Errant against the PRM's holdings on the civil services. The combination of Matrix isolation and interior warfare is starting to put everyone in the city on edge.

2063, August 25: Casualties on both sides of the fight between the Knight Errant forces and the PRM grow rapidly as larger weapons are put to use.

2063, August 27: In an effort to quell the fighting with a decisive strike Knight Errant utilizes small-scale tactical nuclear weapons in neighborhoods believed to house PRM soldier's families. With the Matrix down there is no tribunal to contend the decision. Hundreds of thousands die in the blast alone with the final death toll being assumed in the millions from collapsing buildings and collateral damage.

2063, August 29: Knight Errant forces withdraw from the city with their corporate sponsors betrayed via contractual breech. A high majority of city officials and government are presumed dead including Mayor Benner.

2063, August 30: With no functioning city government, no protective services, and no access to necessities, anarchy ensues among the fringes of the inner city. Roaming street gangs become the center of power around the nuclear blasts.

2063, October 3: Runners with satellite uplinks hear about a prototype weapon developed by Deus and deployed via Nighthawk bombers. Not willing to take the chance that this new weapon could affect the remaining denizens of the city, the hackers and Otaku work together to glitch-bomb the functioning infrastructure setting the timer to 10 years. What's left of Bakersfield is launched into total matrix darkness and the blast-edge anarchy rapidly expands into the suburbs as gangs attempt to secure food and power for themselves.

2063, October 9: By this time the anarchy has spread entirely through the city.

Due to the city being totally glitched the next 4 months are basically put together from eyewitness accounts of survivors that corroborate with other independent accounts. I've also received corporate histories in trade for services rendered. To protect my own hide, I won't say who told on who, so don't ask.

2063, October 14: Large scale magic ritual is attempted near city hall to call spirits and have them help rid the city of the nuclear fallout and chaos by imposing order through force. As anyone with half a brain could have predicted, this goes horribly wrong and results (unpredictably… like all magic gone wrong) in an Astral Inversion which in turn creates "The Scar." Thousands of spirit creatures described as "Demons" are unleashed into the city. A spirit civil war takes place in the civil district which the People's Reform Movement attempts to use as cover for their blitzkrieg against the street gangs to secure vital resources and create order. Most of the city's citizens (shadowfolk included) run for their lives. Those who managed to survive the nuclear chaos and civil war die in the rush to flee the city or are town into pieces by demons. Survivors are sparse but exist.

2063, November 4: The summoned spirits are losing against the demonic forces unleashed from the Scarring. They approach the People's Reform Movement and beseech them to intervene in the interest of what remains in the city. It is only because Tenault feels that he cannot evacuate all his followers before the demons overrun the spirits that he agrees to work with the spirits unleashed by the Rogues. The strongest Air and Fire spirits take a corporeal form and imbue themselves into a compact nuclear device. The elite deckers of the PRM and the surviving spirits make what has come to be called the "Ride of Redemption" as they protect the nuclear device. The device is detonated at ground zero inside The Scar. The downtown civil district is destroyed, but the Inversion is severely weakened. Most of the demons lose their astral link to the material plane and dissipate within minutes.

No one I've ever met can produce a corroborated story between November of 2063 and February of 2064. I don't know why this is… but it does mean that the only things I can record are documented corporate events.

2063, November 29: Sujii begins private construction of a warehouse far to the west of "The Scar." It's size leads builders to believe it is a manufactory; however, no one but Sujii knows what's in there.

2063, November 30: A team of Corporate magicians employed by Horizon attempts to cleanse the city using air spirits. They are actually successful -leave it to the megas to do shit right- and most of the fallout is cleansed. The spirits refuse to go anywhere near the Scar… not even under pressure from the wizards who summoned them.

2063, December 6: Demolition of the Bakersfield downtown area begins by Horizon after negotiation with the CFS and the PCC. A majority of the buildings are mostly destroyed by either the nuclear blasts or the War of the Scar and there are no people living there. What will be known as the "South Sprawl" is occupied by the People's Reform Movement and is currently the safest place in the city. Intranet corporate communications let the outside world know of the Bakersfield food shortage. AgraRite sets up multiple distribution points for soy and supplement in the city protected by the powers that be within the regions. If you've never had an AgraRite soy-bomb, don't try it. They taste like synthetic cardboard and give you shits like you wouldn't believe… they are better than starving though.

2063, December 22: Deus goes quiet. Foundation laying begins in the North Sprawl.

This next entry is just a rumor. Horizon won't give an official statement and Tenault, despite being a known friend of mine, denies this ever happened… but I've heard it from a couple of very trusted Runners who have been doing some bigtime work so it is included here for individual decision.

2063, December 26: High level Horizon executives meet with the governing council of the People's Reform Movement to discuss the future territory of what Horizon deems a gang. Sections of the North Sprawl are ceded out as well as the North Urban sector.

2064, January 8: Horizon comes under pressure from the PCC who threatens to turn to a new company for its private contracts for infrastructure development unless they restore connectivity to the west coast matrix lines within a month. The California Free State also lays on some pretty harsh sanctions by threatening to revoke their development sanctions unless Horizon prioritizes the Matrix connectivity. On top of the pressure from the PCC and the CFS, Tir'Tirange threatens to revoke their support of Horizon unless they do some demolition favors for them in the city. It comes as no surprise then that Horizon negotiates a mutually beneficial contract with NeoNET to accelerate the Matrix develpoment demands of the CFS and the PCC.

2064, February 9: Horizon moves into the first fully demolished sector of the city and begins road repairs along with light utility development and maintenance with the equipment they have on hand. There is little more they can do until the construction materials and heavy equipment arrive. Temporary buildings are erected to hold the Horizon development crews. During the night, shadow creatures abduct a score of construction workers and kills a few when workers fight back with small arms.

2064, February 10: Lone Star protectors are express air-dropped into Bakersfield via VTOL heavy craft and set up perimeters for the construction zone. It is later learned that Lone Star refused to accept the contract unless clauses were included to set up specific earmarks for future protection services. A dick move for us Shadowfolk as it guarantees that Lone Star has the privilege of protecting any and all Horizon property… that includes billboards and holo adverts so be careful around those high-sec areas.

2064, February 12-20: Heavy construction materials and equipment arrive in the city. Ground level building construction begins with priority on the Corporate offices for Horizon and NeoNET (Temporary).

2064, March 11: Vertical construction convoys finally make it into the Cleared Zone, demolition of the South Sprawl is postponed due to unknown reasons -rumors state that this is for the PRM to get its community moved- and the present day north urban sector is demolished out. Matrix connectivity is restored to the city but most of the infrastructure past the suburbs is still shot due to the massive EMP from the Scarring. For the first time in 40 years, short range radio transmission is used to relay Matrix communication into the construction zones.

2064, March 22: NeoNET begins to test their wireless matrix "mesh" technology. Ad-Hoc networks are unaffected by the Glitch set up by the Otaku in 2063.

2064, March 30: PCC long range radar reports that VTOL craft circumvent their border and land to the south and north-east of Bakersfield.

2064, April 3: Unknown to the Megas, the San Francisco Yakuza begins demolition and construction to the south of the Scar. It's assumed that the Megas know about demolition and construction in the North East because a nice clear section of land was demolished by Horizon crews a few days prior for no reason.

2064, April-June: Construction continues without major happenings, disasters, or corporate maneuvering.

2064, July 2: CalUP, a Horizon subsidy, reports its first drug problems. Bakersfield is starting to come become the paradise we all know and love.

2064, September 10: Sujii's plant starts seeing internal activity. What is going on is still unknown to the public at large… come to think of it, it's still unknown.

2065-2067: Construction continues and the city rapidly grows. Horizon's construction philosophy for redevelopment is to work on only one structure at a time. Crews work around the clock non-stop. Shadow business kicks up with contracts coming from the Yakuza in running drugs into the "secure zone," the People's Reform Movement in securing wireless tech from NeoNET for their private development, and the two Megas who want to know what is going on inside Sujii's plant.

2067: Elvish immigrants sent from Tir'Tirange start taking over the "Bottoms" claiming that the land is important in the healing of the earth. No one really cares about why the elves took over the Bottoms because we hate the place. It smells like burning hair all the time… They seem to be convinced that trees are going to magically sprout out of the dirt and close the Scar. Matrix connectivity towers are erected by NeoNET now that their wireless tech has been developed to the point that it is stable enough for public use.

GM NOTE: The history of the city is not complete, there is still 8 years for me to write out so expect to see more here in a couple of days.

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