A Warning to Potential Runners

Non-Player Characters

Something that you need to remember about Shadowrun (especially my Shadowrun) is that things are not always as they seem. This does not mean that every Johnson will betray you, and it doesn't mean that every person you meet on the street belongs there. What it does mean is that I GM a world where the NPCs are just as smart and crafty, if not moreso than the players. Too many times have I played in worlds where NPC was a misnomer: NPI (Non-player idiot) would have been more appropriate.

Rules, Rules, Rules

Some GMs like rules-lax campaigns where everything is ''cool… man." Not me. I am a stickler for rules and follow them to the letter where I agree with them. The point of any RPG system is to have fun. I make a very strong attempt to keep everything fun and I feel the best way to accomplish that goal is to have a uniform system of rules which enable an individual player's creativity to play a character unique to them. In short: Know Your Rules.

Back to the Future: The Matrix

A lot of new players jump into Shadowrun and want to be codeslingers and hack their way into riches. Let me stop your delusions of granduer _right now_ and tell you: you are not ready. Allow me to illustrate with a real world example.

In the world we live in today there are countless numbers of technologies and security systems, each unique with its own structure and defense. Are you versed in every single one of them? No. Do you comprehend the scope of a network which allows anyone to track anyone else at any given time? How about the consequences of getting your eyes and ears hacked? Until you've played in Shadowrun for a good bit of time and been eased into the technological world you are not ready, or suited, to playing a hacker character of any kind.


If you get slagged the discussion is over. Make a new character and try not to fail like last time.

Out of Character Knowledge

I don't tolerate it. I'm not talking about using your real world knowledge of physics to calculate trajectory, I'm talking about reading other people's posts and actions to have YOUR CHARACTER act on information he doesn't yet possess. I can't stress it enough: You are NOT your character. The first incident is a warning, the second incident is removal. Do. Not. Do. It.

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