A Brief Introduction

Welcome to The Shadows

Jeremiah eyes you suspiciously as you take a seat at the bar. Even though you try acting like you belong here, he keenly picks up on your discomfort and sense of being lost. He begins speaking to you in what sounds a genuine Irish accent

''Oy ther' stranga', it looks to me like you may be in the wrong part of Bakersfield. What brings you to these hea parts?"

Jeremiah sets a tall glass infront of you fresh from the cooler.

''What's it goin' ta' be fer' ya? I can give ye some o' tha' new Pueblo drink that been sellin' hot as fresh data on a blackie, I can geet ya them Confederate States light ale, ooooor I can be givin' yer the watered down drek that I gives me drunkards."

Jeremiah looks disgusted when you ask for the Confederate States light.

''Ach' I knew there'd be someat about ye I dinut like. You can tell a lot 'bout a man by the beer he drinks… that you can."

Jeremiah walks off and leaves you to your beer so that he can attend to another customer. After your third glass he decides to indulge in some more conversation.

''Well… it looks like you can drink a fair bit there. I may be tough on tha new ones tha' come in here…"

He lowers his voice as though what he says next is a big secret.

''Especially tha ones that look dazed n' confused with where they be…"

Jeremiah's voice returns to normal volume

"But I 'aint no fool. Someat that can drink like you can is someat that may be a regular on a later day. I like to keep mah regulars alive best I can so tha they keep on drinkin'."

You hear the familiar bleep of an incoming message to you from Jeremiah. Upon opening it you notice that he is asking for an address where he can email you some information about the city. You give him your fake SIN's address and stand up to leave.

''Oye, friend."

You turn and see Jeremiah smiling at you before a SMS shows up over his head in your commlink connection. It reads:

Welcome to the Shadows

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